Island Beach Access

Island Beach Access

Links to other public beach access resources:

Mercer Island Street End Parks
In the 1970s, the City of Mercer Island undertook an initiative to clean up and convert all city street ends that had beach access to Lake Washington into public parks. ICFPBA is using their program as inspiration. Our intial efforts are to seek out, identify and mark with signage these road end public beach access points with hope that many, if not all, can be later converted into convenient public recreational usage. Please take a look at the link above that talks about those parks on Mercer Island.

City of Renton Encroachment Ordinance
It came to our attention recently that the City of Renton has incorporated an ordinance into their city code identifying public property encroachment as a public nuisance. We are viewing their new ordinance called, "CHAPTER 17 – ENCROACHMENTS ON PUBLIC PROPERTY", as a model for a public and private partnership in the preservation of road end beach access. This ordinance spells out what is acceptable for placement of private structures on properties that come in contact with public properties.

What’s Happening

Attend our semi-annual Island Beach Access General meeting!

  • When: TH: June 13, 5:00 PM
    Where: Freeland Library conference room

  • Topics:
    • * Catch up on fundraising and membership,
    • * Learn about beach accessibility issues and progress,
    • * Learn about beach access signage progress,
    • * See a demonstration of on-line tools for shoreline public access and ownership.
    • * Provide feedback to us on access to beaches important to you.

  • We really do want your feedback. Hope to see you there!

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